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About Ipswitch, Inc. - Network Management Division

WhatsUp Gold network management software delivers comprehensive monitoring for networks, systems, applications, and event logging, along with expert network management solutions. WhatsUp Gold serves companies of all sizes in a range of industries and in more than 100 countries.

Privately held and profitable, Ipswitch makes it a priority to invest capital to manage R&D risk and achievement. The company’s business model enables it to deliver high-quality yet cost-effective software by designing, manufacturing and supporting WhatsUp Gold entirely in the United States. The Network Management Division is proud of its recent "Made in the USA" award recognition by the Golden Bridge Awards.

With designed-in flexibility, ease of use, quality and affordability, WhatsUp Gold offers ideal support for IT management tasks, including automated discovery, mapping, real-time monitoring, alerting, reporting and troubleshooting of network operations. WhatsUp Gold is deployed on more than 150,000 networks worldwide.

About Ipswitch, Inc.

Ipswitch was founded in 1991 on a simple premise: to produce IT software that took what was possible and made it practical. Initially, our goal was to bring high quality IT software to small businesses that lacked the time and resources to learn the overly complex enterprise software that was all that was available at that time. Ipswitch has extended WS_FTP, WhatsUp Gold and IMail Server into broader product families. Today, the company’s three divisions – network management, file transfer and messaging – reach millions of customers around the world. Ipswitch’s products have won praise and awards from industry analysts, press, customers and partners. Headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, Ipswitch, Inc. has offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia, Madison, Wisconsin, Livonia, Michigan and American Fork, Utah as well as Ipswitch Japan KK in Tokyo, Japan and its European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ipswitch sells its products through distributors, resellers and OEMs worldwide.