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WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor

WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor unifies systems, network, and application monitoring – and gives you the capabilities to proactively ensure that application performance meets user expectations and business priorities. With Application Performance Monitor, you can find issues early and fix them before service degrades.

APM Main Dashboard

Monitor 100s of applications and more than 20,000 systems and network devices in one management system

Manage the performance of applications from a unified view where you can quickly and efficiently diagnose complex performance problems wherever they originate, avoiding costly service interruptions. The easy-to-use WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor provides the comprehensive insight and customizability you need to rapidly find and assess the impact of issues, isolate the cause, and restore performance levels.

Install and set up WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor and start getting alerts and out-of-the-box reports in less than 60 minutes – and use it free for 30 days!

The WhatsUp Gold Advantage

The WhatsUp Gold product suite is the only solution today that delivers these capabilities at an affordable price:

  • Unified Dashboard for End-to-End Monitoring: Quickly diagnose performance and availability problems with customizable and comprehensive dashboards that let you manage all components of application performance, from user experience to network configuration across physical, virtual, wired and wireless infrastructures.
  • Complex Applications: Easily set up dependencies among inter-related application tiers, so you can immediately assess the impact of availability and performance issues.
  • Critical Component Groups: Leverage advanced dependency logic that groups multiple components to accurately reflect the health of applications in real-life deployments.
  • Proactively ensure continuous up-time with alerts and automatic repair of potential problems – before users are affected.
  • Quickly identify root causes of application performance problems— across network, server or multi-tier application or component dependencies.
  • Gain the valuable insight necessary to improve application performance and availability – through real-time and historical reporting and analysis.

To get started, download easy-to-install WhatsUp Gold Premium v16.2 with Application Performance Monitor, select the application profiles you need, automatically discover them in your environment and start monitoring your applications right away.

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