Configuring a WhatsUp Gold Alert Using SMS Direct


WhatsUp Gold v12 users can send an alert to a pager or cell phone via SMS modem by following these easy steps:


  1. From the main menu bar of the console, select Configure > Action Library.

  2. In the Action Library, click New, then select SMS Direct.

  3. Enter the cell phone or pager number(s) of the intended SMS message recipients. You can enter multiple phone numbers, separated by a comma. For example: 555-555-5555, 55 555 55 55 55.

  4. Select the COM port you want to use with this notification. (You must select the port that is assigned to the modem in the Windows Device Manager.)

  5. Enter the text message you want to send with this notification plus any desired percent variable codes. (Click OK to save this action.) The action will now appear in the Action Library.


If you think this may be helpful for monitoring your network, give it a try. It’s as easy as that.


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