WhatsUp Gold v12.3 and NetFlow Monitor Live Webinars


On October 1st WhatsUp Gold is extending its award winning functionality with a brand new plug-in to the core architecture; WhatsUp Gold NetFlow Monitor (for traffic flow identification and reporting based on Cisco’s NetFlow technology). And – coming soon – WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected (for Layer 2/Layer 3 discovery and mapping).

WhatsUp Gold NetFlow Monitor (See an in-depth recorded NetFlow Monitor Demo)
WhatsUp Gold NetFlow Monitor gathers information from NetFlow enabled switches and routers allowing you to analyze and report on network traffic patterns. It provides instant insight into how efficiently your network is performing and how bandwidth is utilized. WhatsUp Gold NetFlow Monitor integrates NetFlow traffic data into WhatsUp Gold monitoring and reporting, increasing your visibility into network performance.

WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor
Released to the market on June 23, WhatsUp Gold VoIP (Voice over IP) Monitor provides you with the ability to monitor, collect and report on your network’s capacity to support and maintain acceptable performance for VoIP call quality.

WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected – coming soon!
WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected is a comprehensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 discovery and network visualization solution that provides insight into physical topology and how devices are interconnected. Its unique technology goes far beyond typical IP discovery and mapping solutions by providing detailed hardware inventory and configuration information. WhatsConnected discovers, maps and documents your network down to the individual port.

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TWO Recorded webinars to choose from:

WhatsUp Gold v.12.3 & Plug-In Modules:

WhatsUp Gold NetFlow Monitor:

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