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Discovery Communications Sues Amazon Over Kindle Security Patent

kindleDiscovery Communications filed a lawsuit against Amazon.com alleging some security and copy protection features in the Kindle and Kindle 2 violate the company’s patents. Discovery, the parent company of the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet demand unspecified monetary compensation in the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. According the copy of the suit Discovery accused Amazon of violating its patent for Electronic Book Security and Copyright Protection System. The patent was issued to Discovery Communications by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2007 and was initially filed in 1999. There had been no word from Amazon reps as of late this afternoon.

Man Creates First 2GB Prosthetic ‘Finger Drive’

_45575974_img_6932_226A computer programmer in Finland has given the term ‘finger drive’ a whole new meaning according to the London Telegraph. Jerry Jalava built a special prosthetic finger which contains computer storage for photos, movies and other useful files when he lost his own finger in a motorcycle accident. Jalava was rushed to the hospital after crashing his one week old Ducati Monster 696 motorbike last year but the surgeon was unable to save his finger and amputated half of it. When Jerry told doctors what he did for a living they joked he should have a USB ‘finger drive.’ He took them literally and set about creating the world’s only two gigabyte finger.

Apple Announces New iPhone Features

iphone-parallels3Today was a big day for Apple’s golden child. The iPhone’s app store hit 800 million downloads and iPhone 3.0 announced a whole slew of new features users can look forward to. Crunchgear.com blogged live from the press conference and generously supplied iPhone junkies with some delightful teasers. Here are a few of our favorite: Bluetooth will be used to auto-discover nearby people for games without any pairing and users will be able to communicate via Wi-Fi; the much anticipated Cut, Copy and Paste function is finally here and even applies to images; Meebo is coming as a native app for iPhone; iPhone is add a landscape keyboard in every app you can think of; users can now send Multimedia messages.

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