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Cloud Computing Way of the Future IDC Predicts

sun1Despite the Internet’s ubiquitous coverage of Sun Microsystems seemingly inevitable merger with IBM the Burlington-Based software company announced today that they are continuing their crusade into cloud computing and that their cloud services market will be begin its rollout this summer. The Sun Storage Cloud and the Sun Compute Cloud, which will continue to test internally until its rollout, will compete with Amazon Web Services’ S3 storage and EC2 compute services. The services target developers, students and startups and are primarily intended for testing and developing new applications over the Internet using Sun’s hardware. Sun’s further foray into cloud computing is a sound investment according to IDC analyst Frank Gens. idc_logo_big2Our WUG team drove into Boston yesterday to attend IDC’s Hynes Convention Center conference and learned that Gens’ research predicts cloud computing will become a universal technology in the next five years. “If you are not thinking and acting on delivering your own offerings through the cloud (within five years), you won’t be in the mainstream anymore,’’ Gens cautioned. IDC surveys show 26% of businesses using the cloud for IT management, 15% to bolster server and storage capacity, a quarter for collaboration and business applications, and 17% for application development and deployment.

Meet Firefox’s New Mobile Browser

Firefox has gone mobile. The mobile version of the Internet browser, Fennec is now officially in beta. It’s currently only compatible with the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet but developers can also download it onto their computers to experiment with Fennec and provide feedback and write add-ons. The Fennec Browser was designed to make maximum use of the smaller mobile screen and to minimize typing. untitledfFirefox included it’s Smart URL bar (aka the “awesome bar”) in Fennec and built upon its alpha feature set; Bookmarks, tabbed browsing with thumbnail images, integrated Web search built into the URL bar and easy access to multiple search engines. It’s added TraceMonkey, Mozilla’s new JavaScript engine and has improved panning, zooming and application start-up time.

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The Counting Crows Cut the Chord.

The Counting Crows joined the growing legion of rock star renegades like Radiohead and Nine Inch countingcrows1Nails and announced they’ve dropped their label to embrace the future of music biz: Internet Marketing.. “The internet opens a world of limitless possibility, where the only boundaries are the boundaries of your own imagination,’’ lead singer Adam Duritz wrote on the band’s website. But this sentiment was apparently not echoed by the Berkeley band’s label of eighteen years, Geffen Records. Since CD sales have plummeted labels are pushing their artists to sign 360 music deals that give them a cut of every revenue source the band can explore. Durtiz eloquently described this disconnect in his open letter to fans. “We want a chance to push those boundaries back as far as we can. Unfortunately, the directions we want to go and the opportunities we want to pursue are often thing that our label is simply not allowed to do.”

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