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Hulu is Fast Approaching YouTube

hulu-logo1According to the latest report out of comScore VideoMetrix, Alec Baldwin and Eliza Dushku’s plot to eat Hulu viewers’ brains is meeting great success. In the month of February alone the video streaming site jumped two spots to become the fourth largest video site in the U.S., overtaking both Viacom and Microsoft in total viewers and video streams. It drew an audience of 34.7 million people who watched 332.5 million in January; that’s an astounding 42 percent increase in unique U.S. visitors and a 33 percent increase in streams. And Hulu is fast approaching the No. 3 video site Yahoo, which streamed 353.5 million streams in February. Fox Interactive (aka Myspace) was No. 2 with 462.6 million streams and YouTube was No. 1 with 5.3 billion streams.

Bigfoot Networks Launches Gaming Network Card

Is lag messing with your CoD kill streak? Well Bigfoot Networks in launching its second-generation bigfoot_networks_logogaming network card for PCs to help you overcome this common gaming frustration. The Austin, Texas-based company has partnered with game computer maker Alienware and accessory maker EVGA to distribute the Killer Xeno networking card with built-in support for voice chatting over the Internet. The product comes with more memory than its earlier device, allowing for much better Internet speed and a better gaming experience for multiplayer gamers. The Killer Xeno Pro will be available for $129.99 from both Alienware and EVGA in April. The Killer Xeno Ultra will be available for $179.99 in May.

Salesforce.com Integrates with Twitter

salesforce-logoSalesforce.com announced its plan today to integrate its Service Cloud customer-service platform with the social networking darling, Twitter. Salesforce CRM for Twitter, currently in beta, will come to the masses this summer at no addition charge for Service Cloud users. Service Cloud, launched in January, combines concepts like online customer communities, social networking, knowledge base information and making date from cloud services like Facebook and Twitter available to e-mail, phone and chat-based customer service reps.

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