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By Erin Hayes

Occasionally I wish I had a coding ninja that lived under my desk.


If I came across a problem I couldn’t fix on my own, I could look to him (or her . . . no discrimination here!) to help me find a solution.

But the next best thing to a software developing ninja would be a software developer social sphere . . . based on the web.

Luckily these do exisit, and Mashable has been kinda enough to compile a list of the Top 18 Social Media Resources for Developers.

So when you Network Managers get home tonight, get your party on and try out a few. And let us know which ones are worth checking out and which sites are better left unexplored.

Here are the Top Ten:

1. Stack Flow

2. Good-Tutorials

3. DZone


5.  TopCoder

6. Hacker News

7. Reddit-Programming

8. Slashdot

9.  Github

10. Yahoo Pipes

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