Go Bing Yourself (No, Really. Do It)

Have you “Binged” today?


Microsoft quietly released their search engine “Bing” out into the world today and the feedback thus far has been pretty positive.

The search returns differ from that of Internet Lord Google and the guided search assistance on the left of the screen is neat. Nothing revolutionary, but still. Quite a pleasant surprise from the aging giant Microsoft.

A function to pay attention to – especially if you have, say, a 12-year-old son at home- is its auto-play feature for video searches. Roll your mouse over a video thumbnail and it will play! It makes searching through video a few clicks easier thus saving you time; however, TechCrunch pointed out the obvious downside (or upside. Hey, we don’t judge!) to this earlier today.

So go ahead, Bing yourself. See where Microsoft’s search engine ranks you. Our Network Management Software search landed us in #5.

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