WUG Leads the Way in Innovation

In keeping up with our spirit of innovation and consistent development, WhatsUp Gold has announced the arrival of its latest version, 14.3, and an updated plug-in, WhatsVirtual 2.0. This represents WhatsUp Gold’s most recent effort to gather and respond to user feedback in order to bring you WUG ninjas a more comprehensive and intuitive product.

You’ve probably recognized that the VMware virtual environment bus is underway and don’t want to be left in the dust. So you’ve migrated some or all of your network to a virtual environment. If this is the case, WhatsVirtual 2.0 is a good step towards starting to manage this environment.

WUG 14.3 offers similar innovation that improves performance and the evaluation process, streamlines the configuration process with preconfigured workspace views, offers the ability to clone devices, and shows consolidated monitors and devices in one report.

Together v14.3 and WhatsVirtual 2.0 house a number of industry firsts:

  • Integration with vCenter to deliver updated and accurate information on real time inventory, status and performance of hosts and virtual machines (VMs)
  • Tracking of all vMotion driven VM movements from one physical  server to another
  • Alerting on all VM restarts and movements driven by VMware High Availability (HA) rules
  • Discovery, mapping and monitoring that gives you complete access to configuring and managing VMware clusters right from your WhatsUp Gold console

These features, paired with WUG’s existing usability and cost efficiency, demonstrate the next generation in network management software; something hard to live without as your network demands shift and grow.

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