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By Kaitlyn Myers

IT Infrastructure and Operations: Gartner identifies the ten most challenging infrastructure and operations trends impacting network management now

Gartner to network managers: 10 key infrastructure and operations (I&O) trends will significantly challenge enterprise networking over the next 5 years – and transform how network mangers work with their peers.

“Network managers can no longer design and manage networking in a vacuum, because these I&O trends will require considerable interaction within I&O, with the rest of IT, and with the business itself.”

For example, some of the ten trends point to the need for significant additional bandwidth and a re-architecting of planned network designs: “Network managers should be ready to alter their plans.”

Among the chief recommendations:

  • Network managers must be fully involved in the rollout of key I&O initiatives in their enterprise.
  • It’s time to reorganize the network operations center (NOC) around processes – not technology – and to consider integrating NOC and IT operations processes.
  • Test or emulate the performance of cloud-based applications in all geographies where they will be deployed so that latency issues can be identified and managed.

To help you evaluate your organization’s readiness for the 10 most challenging I&O trends, look for our upcoming summaries. Next: trends 1 and 2 – cost optimization and consolidation.

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