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By Lauren Smith

While going through some old marketing supplies the other day, I stumbled across “Ipswitch Network Monitoring for Dummies,” written by Robert Armstrong in 2007. I flipped through the book, which was very informative for some not-so-tech-savvy people, or network monitoring “dummies,” like myself. One chapter really caught my eye and I wanted to share the highlights with you:

“Top 10 Reasons to Use Network Monitoring”

  1. Know what is happening — Stay informed about the operation and connectivity of your devices and resources on your network
  2. Plan for upgrades or changes — Track which devices are constantly down so you can make appropriate changes with ease
  3. Diagnose problems quickly — Know exactly where the problem is, saving you time
  4. Show others what is going on — Graphical reports enable you to easily explain the health and activity on your network to others
  5. Know when to apply your disaster-recovery solutions — Without a network monitoring solution, you may not know there is a problem until it is too late

 I will share the other five reasons in my next blog  post – tomorrow, September 8th – so stay tuned!

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