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September 12, 2012 Network Management

By Jessica Kenney

Were you a child the 70’s, playing video games on your Magnavox Odyssey?  Or were you a fan of the 90’s PlayStation?  Still a child playing video games?  Good. So are we, and it’s time to celebrate National Video Games Day.  Today is the day to recognize and appreciate the video game revolution which began in 1964 with the Brown Box, invented by Ralph Baer.  Videos games have come a long way since then and considered art to some.

Continuing until the end of this month, the Smithsonian American Art Museum is holding an exhibit honoring the artistic evolution of video games; from Pac-Man to Super Mario.  Now gamers can play guilt-free; after all, we are expressing our artistic side every time we power up the Wii.  Embrace your inner gamer, especially today.  If you’re feeling a little bit more nostalgic, wipe the dust off that old Nintendo 64; appreciate the pixely Mario for his true beauty and classic charm.

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