An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Forget about the countless fad diets, unused gym memberships, and failed attempts to lose a couple of pounds.  Robots are here to help keep you fit and healthy.  Autom is the latest robot in the market that acts as your personal life coach.  It collects data about the user and adjusts it settings to cater to your own personal needs. After logging food, it provides suggestions to keep you on your weight loss track.

Autom is not the only technology promoting a healthy lifestyle.  The Beam Brush is a toothbrush connected to an app that tracks you oral hygiene tendencies.  The brush plays a two minute song to ensure you clean those pearly whites for the recommended amount of time.  And for good behavior?  The app provides rewards like movie tickets, deals on clothing, and video games.  Not bad for a toothbrush.

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