Don’t Miss Out – Live Webcast on PCI and HIPAA network compliance

Many organizations are subject to PCI and HIPAA compliance regulations. For IT Managers, preparing for an audit is disruptive and a drain on limited resources. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single solve-all compliance solution for the network. However, there are tools to help you comply with the more time-consuming network requirements.

Join us for a live webcast on Thursday, 12/6 where we will present a proven methodology and the use of software to automate several key compliance requirements for PCI and HIPAA.  The webcast will cover:

  • The cost of compliance
  • Identifying and limiting network connections to sensitive information
  • Ensuring all network devices are configured to meet PCI and HIPAA specifications
  • Identifying all devices on the wireless network and restricting rogue device access
  • Identifying internal and external traffic sources and destinations for sensitive data
  • Providing a tamper-proof audit trail of all suspicious network activity

Register today for this exciting live webcast.



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