How a Fast-Food Franchise Closed the Lid on Pandora’s Box

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Ipswitch customer engagement engineers and members of our WUGspace community have been sharing their stories from the IT front lines. These brief vignettes cover a network-related problem that was solved using one or more of our products.

These stories aren’t meant to be commercials (we have plenty of room elsewhere on our website for that) but more of an insider view into the day to day challenges faced by IT pros and how they can make their jobs easier to do.  

Today’s edition stems from an engagement with a fast food franchise where our folks came to help with a network Internet bandwidth issue.

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True Stories from the Front Lines of Network Performance Monitoring: How a Fast-Food Franchise Closed the Lid on Pandora’s Box

Pandora: "she who sends up gifts". (and serves up music)

Pandora: “she who sends up gifts” (and music).

We recently worked with folks from the corporate office of a national fast-food franchise who were very concerned over their Internet bandwidth costs.  They were considering purchasing additional bandwidth to keep up with demand. 

They came to Ipswitch to help understand the source of their growing internet bandwidth consumption so they could address the issue and gauge how to solve it.

Using our Flow Monitor software, we were able to identify the source of the problem in minutes. The culprits were users streaming Pandora from the desks.

Turns out a little satellite radio can really chew into the bandwidth that others need in order to do their jobs. If the franchise had bought more bandwidth they’d be doing so in order to support an unauthorized application. 

Using Flow Monitor, they were able to enforce bandwidth usage policies and detect the use of unauthorized applications – and lowered the bill from the ISP. 


By the way, we’re music fans.

Just wanted to put that out there in case we were giving the wrong impression.




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