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This year’s seasonal clock changes could raise deeper issues for IT

In a rather intriguing article in the Windows Networking Newsletter by Dave Kearns. As Dave points out, “About 20 years ago, the U.S. standardized on the first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October as the dates to change. Soon thereafter, the Windows operating system knew to check the date and adjust the time on those occasions. That all changes this year. Starting in 2007, DST will begin on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November. There will be patches for your server and desktop operating systems (and your laptops, palmtops and all the other Windows platforms) and the automated changes will continue to occur at the right time – provided you’ve patched your systems up to date by the beginning of March 2007. But there’s a trap lurking on most of your computers which, while not quite as serious as the […]

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Ipswitch and The Utility Company(TM) Partner to Provide a Complete Managed Services Offering

Ipswitch Fortifies Network Operations Services of Connected Office(TM) Solution LEXINGTON, MA and OTTAWA, CANADA — (MARKET WIRE) — January 16, 2007 — Ipswitch, Inc., a leading IT software vendor, and The Utility Company, a leading supplier of information technology delivered as a utility service, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market. The partnership will leverage the power of Ipswitch’s WhatsUp network monitoring software within The Utility Company’s new managed services offering, Connected Office. Connected Office is designed to provide Utility Service Provider (USP) franchisees and their end-user customers with practically everything needed for remote managed IT services through a usage-based utility computing model. Using Connected Office, USPs can easily offer SMB end-users improved network performance and reliability. At the same time, they are able to more easily leverage technology to better execute, automate and manage key business processes without having to hire an […]

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Can the network carry the load?

I have made the point in my Technology Seminars in USA and Canada that VoIP imposes additional network requirements. This story in IT Business Canada illustrates the point nicely. “When voice over IP first began appearing on business networks, many people expected to simply fire it up and start talking. But when they tried it, a lot of what they had to say never made it to the other end of the line – which was probably a good thing, because when they discovered how well VoIP worked on their existing networks, some of their language wasn’t very polite. Because many early VoIP adopters expected it to be plug and play, networks often got no pre-implementation testing to see if they were ready to handle voice, recalls Brad Masterson, product manager at Mississauga, Ont.-based Fluke Electronics Canada LP, a maker of network testing tools. That frequently led to problems when […]

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Even Electronic Signage Needs Network Operations Manager Software

3M Digital Signage will be launching a comprehensive environment for the remote monitoring, diagnostic analysis and maintenance of devices on a digital signage network at London’ s Screen Expo 2007. The new 3M Digital Signage Software – Network Operations Manager addresses many potential show-stopping hardware and software issues that might interfere with playback, without the need to deploy an on-site technician. The new Network Operations Manager (NOM) tool enhances the comprehensive content management capabilities of 3M Digital Signage Software – Network Edition by providing real-time visibility of a digital signage network’s entire computing infrastructure. Whilst Network Edition enables users to manage multimedia content, schedule playlists and verify correct playback, NOM equips users to remotely diagnose and repair issues on player PCs and other network devices without requiring on-site attendance. “A failure anywhere within a digital signage network is highly visible and it is critical for digital signage operators to have […]

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Who will control your ‘Net pipeline – you or your Cable/Phone provider?

This story is excerpted from here. “Several large telephone and cable companies are starting to make it harder for consumers to use the Internet for phone calls or swapping video files. Some of the companies say the users are hogging bandwidth, taking up too much space on networks and slowing down service for all customers that tap the Internet for email, video, music, phone and other services.” “Wireless phone companies like Verizon Wireless and Vodafone Group PLC stipulate in their subscription contracts that customers can’t use the company’s high-speed Web-access networks for Internet calling — or may prohibit usage in the future. Several cable companies are using technology to cap the speed at which some of their customers can swap videos. A number of equipment companies are selling software and other products designed to block and monitor Internet applications such as phone calls, video and photo downloads.” “Critics [ yes, […]

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