Meet the Bloggers

Jason Williams

Jason Williams

WhatsUp Guru

As the Community Manager, Jason works with both the Product Marketing and Product Management Team in his connections to the WhatsUp Gold customer base. He is a New England transplant who now resides in Georgia and works at our Atlanta office. On his position within Ipswitch, Jason commented, “One of my favorite parts of this job is interacting with customers. I like hearing about their day to day pain points are as network admins and how they are using the product to help with that. Translating those conversations to Product Management makes me feel like I can make a difference with our software.”

Kaitlyn Myers

Kaitlyn Myers

Marketing Team

Kaitlyn has been part of the Marketing Team at Ipswitch Network Management Division for three years, and works on promotional marketing programs, tradeshows, emails, and other exciting things. She enjoys chatting with customers both at tradeshows and on the Facebook page. In her spare time, she enjoys red wine and running, although never at the same time. Read Kaitlyn’s posts.

Rich Markis

Rich Makris

Sales Engineer

As a Sales Engineer for the Network Management division, Rich’s focus is on helping customers solve their IT Management needs with WhatsUp Gold and Event Log Management products. He has held various systems and network positions for more than 15 years in government, manufacturing, financial services, and at service providers. Rich also holds certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and Novell.

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