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Two Businesses Merge and Save 35% on Network Monitoring


Two regional auto parts companies merged to increase their competitiveness with national chains and almost immediately ran into an unexpected problem. The IT manager tasked with consolidating the two companies’ network infrastructures found that neither company’s network monitoring products had Layer 2 and Layer 3 discovery capabilities that gave them enough detail to determine what devices to keep and which to upgrade and force them to spend more than they had budgeted for the project.

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13 Network Nightmares That Turn Your Office into a House of Horrors

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Halloween represents the time of year that we embrace ghouls and ghosts, celebrate the macabre, and eat too much candy. This coming Thursday I’ll be greeted at my front door by trick or treat’ers, lined up for their packaged sugar rushes. In between trips to the check out the little ghosts and ghouls, I’ll be watching one of my favorite horror movies. For me, being scared is part of the fun. However, for sysadmins and network managers, Halloween plays itself out every day of the year. So what better time to visit the issues that turn your server rooms into your own personal house of horrors? We know no two networks are exactly alike, so we focused on 13 network nightmares that represent the common hauntings of every server room. The number alone signifies something to be wary of. Some buildings don’t have a 13th floor. Any Friday that falls on the 13th […]

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Software Upgrades on Target When Hopsital Knew WhatsConnected


He said didn’t have the time or staff for a manual inventory through every server room, wiring closet, wireless access point, operating theater and nurse’s station across five different hospitals. Even if he did, it would be hard to gather enough detail to sort out what needed updating. He needed a way to make network mapping and discovery automatic, in every location. And find out how many activations had been made on every piece of licensed software.

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Network Mapping Determines WhatsConnected and What Isn’t


IT administrator seeks network mapping and network diagram solution and gets pointed to WhatsConnected from Ipswitch.

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Too Many Tools? Too Complicated.


The last straw came when a new admin in Latvia asked him for help creating a network map with SolarWinds. Never mind that Edgar didn’t speak Latvian. His experience with SolarWinds network maps had been disappointing.

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