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WhatsUp Gold World Cup Network Traffic Calculator Reveals Worldwide Surge in Bandwidth Usage

The World Cup has been over for more than a week, but the effects of it are still being felt around the business world. Productivity undoubtedly decreased for many businesses, as a recent Ipswitch survey collected by WhatsUp Gold’s World Cup Network Traffic Calculator revealed an average increase of 81% in bandwidth usage during the tournament with over 1,200 responses. Many European nations saw increases in bandwidth in excess of 90%, including Spain with 95%, the Netherlands with 97%, and the UK with 95%. At the same time, South Africa had to cope with network bandwidth maxing out at 100%. These results greatly exceeded many network managers’ predictions. Even the US experienced bandwidth use up to 77% of capacity during important matches. Unfortunately, what cannot be quantified is the lost business experienced by many due to compromised operations because of the increase in network traffic. The repercussions of such surges […]

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The World Cup is Expected to Cause Spike in Network Bandwidth Usage

The name of the tournament speaks a lot to just how huge the World Cup is in the scheme of worldwide sporting events. The hype and anticipation around the tournament has been steadily growing since the groups were selected back in December. It has received coverage everywhere from local newspapers to espn.com. Videos and commercials have gone viral in a matter of hours as they are played over and over again on Youtube. And now here we are,  less than 24 hours away from kick-off. It’s no surprise that a tournament of this magnitude, that only comes around every four years, were to receive so much hype. Here at Ipswitch, though, we were more concerned with the effect the World Cup was going to have on the performance of networks in regards to companies’ bandwidth consumption jumping as tournament games are streamed live during work hours. It was our hunch […]

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Flow Analysis is no longer a “Nice to have” feature anymore

Network Managers, as you know, don’t typically have a lot of down time on a day-to-day basis. It seems there’s always some network or user issue popping up (and in most cases it’s more than one issue at a time) so you find yourself running around trying to keep the network running and the users happy. Monitoring and maintaining your network traffic and bandwidth utilization used to be an overlooked aspect of your job, deemed less important. But the rapid evolution of technology has changed the makeup of networks everywhere and has forced network managers to include Flow analysis and monitoring in their network management strategies. Not only will including this in your strategy allow you to maintain control and ensure of the peak performance of your network’s bandwidth, it will also ensure your network is not at risk of viruses, malware attacks or any other malicious behavior. A proper […]

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