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It’s That Time Again…Are you prepared for Cyber Monday?

When it comes to holiday shopping, consumers don’t hesitate to take advantage of online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, PCWorld reported on the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with its release of “Black Friday-Cyber Monday Debrief:2010 Beat 2009”, noting that 2010 beat 2009 with an estimated $1 billion spent Monday online.  PCWorld also reports that online shopping grew by 44 percent on Black Friday in 2010 and many wonder what is in store for 2011 in terms of growth.  With more and more people taking advantage of Cyber Monday, many bandwidth and security concerns face businesses with employees frantically searching the web for deals.  Of course, our go-to tip is to “Monitor the networks” with the WhatsUp Gold plug-in, Flow Monitor, that allows you to track and resolve bandwidth issues and network traffic or congestion problems.  Learn more about the Flow Monitor and ensure […]

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Watch out for wedding crashers and network crashes….

There is no doubt that the upcoming Royal Wedding is the biggest wedding since Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  In 1981, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana married it set a world record for the largest TV audience.  The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will certainly set a new record.  Not only will people be watching this event on TV, it is estimated that 400 million people will be watching online.  The big event will be taking place tomorrow Friday, April 29th – unfortunately for network admins this will take place during work hours in Asia, Europe and parts of the US.  Many of us here at Ipswitch are extremely excited about the Royal Wedding (she arrives a commoner and leaves a princess – who wouldn’t be excited?); however others are more concerned with the effect this might have on their business and the bandwidth of their networks.  […]

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Sick of manually reviewing interfaces to visualize traffic?

The WhatsUp Gold IT Management family is excited to announce an easy to use tool for reading, gathering and understanding traffic readings in real-time from a single interface with our free Interface Bandwidth tool. This application will allow you to specify a target device and connect via SNMP to return a list of available interfaces. Just select the interface that you want to monitor and quickly access two gauges, one for receive traffic and the other for transmit traffic. Features include: Scan devices for interfaces and select up to eight to monitor for percent bandwidth usage (both transmitted and received data). Visualize traffic spikes and lulls. View configurable polled intervals as analog graphic gauges, in chart format, or as a table. Control the poll frequency, gauge thresholds, and the number of data points graphed at one time. Edit the detected interface speed and to gain more meaningful results. Use advanced filtering […]

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