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Two Steps to Ensuring a More Successful Transition to the Cloud


The evaluations are complete and the decision has been made, a move to the cloud is in the best interest of your organization. Transferring workloads to the cloud in order to free up or discard costly on-premise resources for the fast deployment and flexibility of an elastic environment has overwhelming appeal, but now what? Despite the many advantages of a cloud environment there are still pitfalls that need to be navigated in order to ensure a positive engagement and user experience.

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Network Operations Integration and IT (and Network) Services – Gartner’s Most Challenging Trends

Read the series introduction here Trend #7 – Network Operations Integration The convergence of formerly distinct network technology platforms – take telephony systems and LANs, for example – is precipitating a major networking operations transition, including alterations in IT organizational structure. Gartner recommends network managers adopt an ITIL approach, creating an organization centered around processes that deliver IT services. To enhance end-to-end IT service delivery, consider greater integration of the Network Operations Center (NOC) with IT infrastructure operations. This trend is driving complex IT organization changes, subordinating technology to processes, with the ultimate goal of seamless service delivery across all of IT. Trend #8 – IT (and Network) Services Gartner prediction: by 2012 as many as 30 percent of large enterprises will define core business-oriented IT services, along with formal service-level agreements for each service. The number of enterprises engaged in this analysis will rise from 15% in 2010. As […]

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Recent study found midsize businesses increasing IT budgets and investment in cloud computing

A recent study commissioned by IBM revealed that midsize companies have shifted from focusing on cost control and efficiencies to concentrating on growth initiatives as predictive technologies become more affordable and widely available.  The study also found that 2/3 of midsized companies have plans to adopt Cloud technologies, similar to an earlier poll of Ipswitch customers. Other findings from this study indicated that IT budgets will increase over the next 12 to 18 months, with investments in wide range of priorities including analytics, cloud computing, collaboration, mobility, and customer relationship solutions. What do think of this study – How does it compare to your 2011 plans?

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Thinking about moving to a private cloud? Consider this…

Is the Private Cloud Right for You? You may have noticed our recent poll on cloud use in 2011, which found that almost 2/3 of all organizations are planning some kind of cloud investment this year. Nearly 30% said they would be investing in the private cloud specifically. If you happen to fall in with this percentage, then you’re in luck. The Ipswitch Network Management Division has been hard at work, documenting the steps and best practices for implementing and managing a private cloud. But sometimes the decision to move to the cloud isn’t easy. Before committing to an investment such as this, it is important to know what makes it advantageous. A private cloud offers: Improved hardware optimization Reduced support costs with self-service management Reduced capital expenditures Reduced time to deploy applications and services You may also want to consider potential drawbacks and what might not make a private […]

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Ennio’s predictions for 2011 – Software as a Service and More Efficient IT Solutions


Software as a Service (SaaS) Ennio Carboni shares more of his thoughts for 2011. Continuing with the theme of rapid network growth, 2011 could present more challenges. An increasing number of enterprises are now using a variety of SaaS applications from multiple vendors, procured and deployed without participation from IT, creating a slew of management issues. SaaS deployments are becoming larger, with deals more frequently appearing in the range of thousands to tens of thousands of users within large enterprises. Content, communications, and collaboration (CCC) continues to lead the enterprise SaaS market with worldwide CCC revenue on pace followed by customer relationship management. Gartner projects SaaS application revenues will grow by over 16% in 2011. Not only will IT have their hands full with monitoring, mapping, documenting and configuring an expanding network, but also with SaaS solutions implemented by non-IT employees. Green IT solutions Regardless of the maelstrom ‘Going Green’ […]

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