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Sneak Peek at WhatsUp Gold v14: Folder and File Properties Monitors


Over the last few weeks we’ve shown you the new APC UPS, FTP, and Printer monitors and the new Critical Active Monitors feature. This week we’ll show you two new monitors: the Folder monitor and the File Properties monitor. Folder Monitor The Folder Monitor keeps an eye on a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path on your network and alerts you if the folder’s properties vary outside of the conditions you configure in the monitor. The Folder Monitor tracks if the folder exists, the size of the folder (both actual size and size on disk, which is affected by the drive’s block size) and the number of files in the folder. File Properties Monitor The File Properties Monitor lets you track and alert on the properties of a specific file. The File Properties monitor can check the existence of the file, the file’s size, the date of the file’s last modification […]

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Sneak Peek at WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring v14: New Printer, UPS, and FTP Monitors

Here in our research and development office in Atlanta, we’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on WhatsUp Gold v14 network monitoring software. The excitement here is palpable–we’re delivering some huge enhancements, and we can’t wait to get them into the hands of our customers. Last week, I gave you a preview of the new Critical Active Monitors feature, which solves a longstanding headache of receiving too many alerts when a device goes completely offline. Today, let’s look at the solution to another pain point that we hear about often. We’re fond of saying that there’s not much you can’t manage with WhatsUp Gold. Between the SNMP monitor, the WMI monitor, and the Active Script features (that let you write custom VBscript and Jscript code to monitor just about anything), you can keep tabs on just about anything if you know where to look for the data. But knowing […]

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