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2015 Trendwatch: Internet of Things and SDN

Gartner Top 2015 Strategic Technology Trends (Source: Gartner)

With 2015 just a few days away, folks at companies like ours are reflecting upon the past year while predicting and planning for the New Year ahead. Our recent “Happy Holidays?” survey, polled 206 IT professionals in the U.S. and asked about their 2015 resolutions. Forty-three percent of all respondents resolve to increase IT security measures. The same number of respondents pledge to solve network and IT problems faster while a much smaller percentage (14 percent, to be accurate) seek to find their network’s wireless bandwidth hoarders.

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Network Operations Integration and IT (and Network) Services – Gartner’s Most Challenging Trends

Read the series introduction here Trend #7 – Network Operations Integration The convergence of formerly distinct network technology platforms – take telephony systems and LANs, for example – is precipitating a major networking operations transition, including alterations in IT organizational structure. Gartner recommends network managers adopt an ITIL approach, creating an organization centered around processes that deliver IT services. To enhance end-to-end IT service delivery, consider greater integration of the Network Operations Center (NOC) with IT infrastructure operations. This trend is driving complex IT organization changes, subordinating technology to processes, with the ultimate goal of seamless service delivery across all of IT. Trend #8 – IT (and Network) Services Gartner prediction: by 2012 as many as 30 percent of large enterprises will define core business-oriented IT services, along with formal service-level agreements for each service. The number of enterprises engaged in this analysis will rise from 15% in 2010. As […]

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Gartner identifies the ten most challenging infrastructure and operations trends impacting network management now

IT Infrastructure and Operations: Gartner identifies the ten most challenging infrastructure and operations trends impacting network management now Gartner to network managers: 10 key infrastructure and operations (I&O) trends will significantly challenge enterprise networking over the next 5 years – and transform how network mangers work with their peers. “Network managers can no longer design and manage networking in a vacuum, because these I&O trends will require considerable interaction within I&O, with the rest of IT, and with the business itself.” For example, some of the ten trends point to the need for significant additional bandwidth and a re-architecting of planned network designs: “Network managers should be ready to alter their plans.” Among the chief recommendations: Network managers must be fully involved in the rollout of key I&O initiatives in their enterprise. It’s time to reorganize the network operations center (NOC) around processes – not technology – and to consider […]

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Our Network Management Division President, Ennio Carboni, shares predictions for 2011 (part 1) – Virtualization

As the year comes to a close its always refreshing to look at where we have been and where we are heading. What better way to gain accurate insight into the industry than going straight to the source? Ennio will share some of his predictions for 2011 in technology with a multi-part blog series. Virtualization Server virtualization will become a commodity. According to Gartner, SMBs will deploy more virtual machines in 2011 than enterprises, even though the latter had a few years of headstart. As we’ve mentioned, Ipswitch Network Management hasn’t purchased a single piece of server hardware in 3 years; we rely on virtual servers more than ever before. And we’re not alone-thousands of SMBs have already implemented virtualization and many more are looking to implement it. The need for guidance throughout the process will therefore be prevalent.  Learn about the virtualization process here. The other thing you can […]

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Tired of the Big Four’ Complacency

I’ve written about this before and after reading this latest review by Denise Dubie of Network World I couldn’t resist. If your currently a network and operations management customer of a Big 4 vendor, namely HP, BMC, CA or IBM your likely as upset as 640 of your colleagues and looking for a change in course and performance. After all, Denise stated that 40% of respondents gave the Big 4 a C grade and 30% gave the forbidden D grade. What is going on? You pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions and all you get is C & D grade performance, service and respect? Denise notes a Gartner report that says, “”Continuing customer satisfaction issues, the emergence of new technology and service delivery approaches, and the rise of large technology infrastructure providers expanding their capabilities into management software all contribute to making these industry leaders vulnerable.” For […]

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