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Sinking Dollar Can Mean Rising Software Sales Overseas

As Americans, we rarely live without the goods and services we desire. For years, we have heard experts like Alan Greenspan warn that when countries outside of the United States see rapid growing living standards; their currencies will appreciate against ours in parallel. For those of you who are Warren Buffet fans, he was right again. In 2002, Buffet began to purchase foreign currencies, betting on their appreciation versus the dollar. Even a wealthy country like the United States will eventually run out of steam after its citizens spend excessive dollars on foreign produced goods. Further, once countries like China acquire dollars though the $700 billion US trade deficit, they will begin to dump the dollars once they suspect its valuation is in jeopardy. A country like China, which holds over $1 trillion dollars, has great power in the interconnected global economy, if it begins dumping dollars in favor of […]

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