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Recent study found midsize businesses increasing IT budgets and investment in cloud computing

A recent study commissioned by IBM revealed that midsize companies have shifted from focusing on cost control and efficiencies to concentrating on growth initiatives as predictive technologies become more affordable and widely available.  The study also found that 2/3 of midsized companies have plans to adopt Cloud technologies, similar to an earlier poll of Ipswitch customers. Other findings from this study indicated that IT budgets will increase over the next 12 to 18 months, with investments in wide range of priorities including analytics, cloud computing, collaboration, mobility, and customer relationship solutions. What do think of this study – How does it compare to your 2011 plans?

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What Wall Street Does Not See

It is likely my own employees will approach me with confused expressions and ask why I would take time to defend Solarwinds’ earning announcement yesterday. My product management and development teams can point to the deliberate design differences WhatsUp Gold is built with that make it more usable than Orion and my sales staff will argue that the WhatsUp Gold pricing model with unlimited monitors per device is a higher value and better integrity solution than the exploitive SolarWinds model of charging per instance of a monitor per interface. I enthusiastically agree with my product and sales teams! We are a better choice but that war is won in the field, within the network environments of all size companies. Today, what is more important to me is addressing the macro issue of transformation the network management and performance market is undergoing. It is a revolutionary change and companies like Ipswitch […]

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Tired of the Big Four’ Complacency

I’ve written about this before and after reading this latest review by Denise Dubie of Network World I couldn’t resist. If your currently a network and operations management customer of a Big 4 vendor, namely HP, BMC, CA or IBM your likely as upset as 640 of your colleagues and looking for a change in course and performance. After all, Denise stated that 40% of respondents gave the Big 4 a C grade and 30% gave the forbidden D grade. What is going on? You pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions and all you get is C & D grade performance, service and respect? Denise notes a Gartner report that says, “”Continuing customer satisfaction issues, the emergence of new technology and service delivery approaches, and the rise of large technology infrastructure providers expanding their capabilities into management software all contribute to making these industry leaders vulnerable.” For […]

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If You Had the Power…

Imagine you had the power to leave your job as a network administrator for a day or so with pay of course. Next, imagine you’re granted an employee pass to the product planning session, marketing rah-rah party or the annual sales meeting for one of the large enterprise systems management companies like HP or IBM. What would you say once you arrived? You would likely acknowledge that HP and IBM reflect much of the excellence the tech industry is known for. You would also be impressed with the corporate facilities and free drinks and snacks in the employee lounge but you would also ask, “Which one of you folks is in charge of gathering requirements from administrators like me before you go off and build your Openview and Tivoli lines?” After a moment or two of silence – you’d likely be inundated with a barrage of commentary around how effective […]

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