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Sick of manually reviewing interfaces to visualize traffic?

The WhatsUp Gold IT Management family is excited to announce an easy to use tool for reading, gathering and understanding traffic readings in real-time from a single interface with our free Interface Bandwidth tool. This application will allow you to specify a target device and connect via SNMP to return a list of available interfaces. Just select the interface that you want to monitor and quickly access two gauges, one for receive traffic and the other for transmit traffic. Features include: Scan devices for interfaces and select up to eight to monitor for percent bandwidth usage (both transmitted and received data). Visualize traffic spikes and lulls. View configurable polled intervals as analog graphic gauges, in chart format, or as a table. Control the poll frequency, gauge thresholds, and the number of data points graphed at one time. Edit the detected interface speed and to gain more meaningful results. Use advanced filtering […]

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Ennio’s predictions for 2011: Mobile Computing & The Rise of the Android (Part 2)

Mobile Computing Here are two more predictions from Ennio Carboni, the Ipswitch Network Management Division president, on another blossoming area of technology in 2011: mobile computing. 2010 witnessed the release of multiple versions of the tablet computer. Although netbooks have been around for a few years now, they continue to remain popular due to their low price. And, it seems like everyone you know is upgrading to a new smartphone from countless providers. With mobile computing’s availability and reach growing quickly, employers are expecting sonic speed response time and near 24/7 availability more now than ever before. In order for this to be viable organizations must ensure their employees can access business applications from these devices, while at the same time maintaining security, speed and functionality. As we enter 2011, we can count on almost every business software provider or tool releasing mobile-compatible versions and apps for your convenience. The […]

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How Much Potential is there in the Geolocation Market?

Last post I mentioned the various geolocation apps out there. Come to find out this interesting concept has opened up a niche market. More and more companies are feeding off this trend with innovative ideas like automatic Foursquare check-in by Checkmate and Future Checkin that function through background-running location info on iPhones. Another iPhone-centric app, MessageParty, combines chat rooms with the geolocation model, where users can create public parties that are location-aware. In other words, you can choose to chat with anyone that is logged on near your area. Similar to MessageParty is Qilroy (“kill-roy”), an app that peruses your social networks for location-based status updates, allowing you to filter for specific events or places, and then reply directly to people with corresponding mentions. Dialogue can then continue as a Qilroy thread. If the whole publicly-broadcasting-your-whereabouts-thing is a turn off for you, see Qualcomm’s Neer for the Android and soon-to-be-released […]

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Google Voice Now Available on Mobile Website

Google Voice on Phones

This week Google announced Google Voice would become available on the iPhone again as well as the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.  Now in the midst of the Apple Tablet hype it was very easy to miss this announcement, but it is certainly something you should be aware of.  Through a mobile website – http://m.google.com/voice – users can access Google Voice, which functions almost as well as the original app version, which was rejected by Apple this past summer. If you’re not familiar with Google Voice, this announcement does not seem particularly interesting.  However, Google Voice is an intriguing tool allowing you to create one phone number to reach all of your existing lines (cell, work, home, etc) and compiles all voicemails into a single mailbox.  Additionally, it converts all of these voicemails to text which can then be texted or emailed to the user. Another unique feature is that […]

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The E.U. Fights Mobile Carriers to Allow VoIP


The European Union is considering “binding guidelines” that could force wireless operators to allow mobile VoIP services such as WUG’s service and Skype run over their data networks. According to German newspaper Handelsblatt the company explicitly responsible for bringing the wrath of the EU is Germany’s Deutsche Telekom. The T-Mobile subsidiary balked at allowing their customers’ access to the more affordable (i.e. free with wireless access) communication tool and categorically denied the use of any form of VoIP software on its network – even the perfectly legal Skype app for the iPhone. Deutsche Telekom apparently pulled a Time Warner and cited “risk of excessive bandwidth consumption” for their restriction, but the EU isn’t buying it. (Check out our blog on Time Warner’s decision to effectively limit online video consumption) However, as you are so aware, blocking a competitor’s service by monopolizing the market makes you very vulnerable to antitrust charges – and […]

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