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How a Casino Tipped Network Security Odds in Their Favor

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Our services team recently assisted a casino with their WhatsUp Gold install. The casino outsourced network management to a third-party consultant, whom we called to get the credentials for their core router. He told us he would “call us back”.   Three weeks passed. No return call from the consultant. Enter WhatsConfigured. A quick analysis revealed a back door through the casino’s firewall and core router, exposing sensitive data assets. Back of the house compromised. Third parties, disgruntled employees – or just simple human error – it’s critical to ensure your network is properly configured. Find out if your network security is tight – run WhatsConfigured on your network free for 30 days. WhatsConfigured provides businesses with security and control over critical infrastructure & configuration data: Archiving authorized configurations Scheduling regular configuration audits Alerting when configurations have been changes Comparing running configurations to authorized configurations Learn how to uncover common […]

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Conquering Application Performance Monitoring at Optim Healthcare

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By Matt Cline, Senior Systems Administrator at Optim Healthcare, a network of hospitals and orthopedic medical practices based in Savannah, Georgia. The ultimate goal for our business – IT included – is to deliver the best care and experience for every patient and community we serve.  And this all depends on two key IT resources: The electronic health record (EHR) system that our 1,400 internal users access to track and update patient records. When this system is unavailable, the staff must revert back to paper records and update the EHR system later. If that happens, patient information could get lost in transition. Our website and patient portals are also a critical component of our success – much like any company’s websites. Current and prospective patients expect 24/7 access to our portals, whether they want to pay a bill or research our services, and it’s our job to ensure that need […]

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A Lesson from the Government: Make IT Management Strategic

If you think that public sector organizations can’t be leaders when it comes to IT management, think again. At Ipswitch’s Network Management Division, we work with government IT teams at the federal, state and local levels every day, and get to see just how innovative they really are. It’s one of the public sector’s best-kept secrets. Thankfully, government IT departments are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Matt Asay, blogger at ReadWrite (they dropped the Web last year) wrote a great piece last month, listing several examples of innovation in government IT. The Wall Street Journal has also profiled the steps Chicago is taking to filter previously fragment information into new analytics software that policymakers can use in the city’s infrastructure planning process: The system will allow policymakers to analyze disparate pieces of information from across agencies, including crime statistics, building and business permits, and transcripts from resident complaints, Chicago’s chief […]

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Happy 40th Anniversary Mobile Phone


Happy 40th Anniversary Mobile Phone!! How many of you are old enough to remember the first mobile phone, introduced 40 years ago today? If you aren’t, here is a picture of the first commercial handheld cellular phone that Motorola introduced in 1983, The DynaTAC 8000X. A beauty – and only the coolest of us owned one. It weighed 29oz, or almost 800g  and offered 30 minutes’ talk time and 8 hours’ standby. It also had an LED display for dialing and a 30-number recall. Yours for just $3,995 – equivalent to $9,300 in 2013. We have come a long way! Today, employees use multiple wireless devices – alternating between smartphones, notebooks and tablets. As wireless becomes an organization’s primary user network, IT needs to deliver the availability and same performance their users expect from a wired network. BYOD complicates this by increasing network density, bandwidth consumption and security risks. WhatsUp Gold includes the […]

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Combat BYOD Security Risks with Awareness, Education


The answer to BYOD security concerns rests in user awareness. Could it really be that simple? Traditional security measures – such as firewalls, secure access points, passwords and remote device wipe – will always be essential to deflecting BYOD security threats. However, user awareness “might be the most important non-hardware, non-software solution available,” according to Ken Hess of ZDNet. According to Hess’s assessment, “An informed user is a user who behaves more responsibly and takes fewer risks with valuable company data, including email. Not only does user education make the user aware of all the potential dangers of mobile computing, it also places a lot of the responsibility for corporate security onto the user. And that’s a good thing.” Pointing out that user awareness is critical for BYOD management and security sounds obvious but most organizations underestimate its importance. No matter how many policies and security defenses IT implements, outsiders will eventually […]

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