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Is IT Really a Cost Center?


Business ROI must have an associated IT fraction that indicates long term value that IT created – it is a shared benefit. I am not suggesting that modeling IT as a profit center will be easy. Certainly, measuring just IT’s contribution to business productivity has been fraught with difficulty and controversy.

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It’s About Productivity (Mostly)


In a recent article Minutes Matter And How To Avoid Screwing Up Our Productivity in Project Management Tools That Work, the author works hard to point out that when automating processes it’s important to understand the effect that one or more extra clicks might have.

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Four Ways to Avoid IT Project Failures


The article “Why Do Big IT Projects Fail So Often?” by Jim Ditmore from Information Week Global CIO is a commentary on the Affordable Care Act’s healthcare.gov website implementation. It offers some good points for any project.

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When the Business Drives Faster than IT

Petit Le Mans

Rapid business expansion is great for the profit margin, but usually a trial by fire for departments like IT. As a group, IT can have a hard time moving fast enough to keep up in an atmosphere of fast change and new demands, particularly when IT practices and monitoring tools that worked fine in the past just can’t be stretched any further. When a London auto-parts company decided to go national, they didn’t anticipate just how much strain this growth would create for IT – or how much time IT might need to develop a new way of operating. According to one long-time IT staffer: “Too much information was in human memory, and that reliance on tradition stopped being effective at some point. And it took a while for us even to see that ‘business as usual’ was hurting us. It turns out the network has no respect for the […]

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Ipswitch Network Management Division Signs 100th UK Reseller!

The WhatsUp Gold team is thrilled to announce that we have signed our 100th reseller in the UK – Edinburgh-based Grant McGregor, provider of corporate-quality IT expertise and network computer support services! Grant McGregor joins the Ipswitch Network Management channel programme as a silver partner and will bolster the line up of seven Gold, 15 Silver and 78 Authorised partners. Grant McGregor is capable of serving as its client’s entire IT department with support, project and IT consultancy services. The addition of WhatsUp Gold to its range of products enables Grant McGregor to provide technical prowess in delivering enterprise level service, regardless of the organisation size. “Ipswitch Network Management Division’s suite of solutions was something that we felt would perfectly complement our existing portfolio of products. This accompanied by the comprehensive and mature approach of the programme made it really attractive to us,” says Grant McGregor director Jon Towers. “WhatsUp Gold […]

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