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We’re Providing Free Microsoft APM Tools for IT Teams


Yesterday we announced that we are providing systems administrators and IT teams with free tools to monitor application availability and performance for Microsoft™ Active Directory, Exchange, IIS and SQL Server applications. Systems administrators thrive in an open source world. These free tools are powerful, yet designed to be as easy to download and use as apps from the Apple or Google app store. The four free application performance monitoring (APM) tools will pinpoint problems stemming from Microsoft IIS, Active Directory, SQL and Exchange. Sysadmins can use these tools to help solve the problem they are currently having with these popular applications.

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Training: The Often Overlooked Key to Success

By Andrew Couture, Sales Manager| North America Finally! After days, weeks, or maybe even months of researching, evaluating, budgeting, and securing approval, you got the green light to purchase new software. But now what? You know that the product meets your requirements because you were able to test it out during your evaluation period, but now the rubber meets the road, and you are tasked with implementation. All eyes are on you and how quickly you are able to extract the value from the investment your company just made. It may be the key to your big promotion, and you know that if you could just move the deadline out a few weeks or could get some additional help, you could knock this out of the park because it is not difficult…it is just unfamiliar. Consider this example: Let’s say you had no idea how to use Microsoft Excel and […]

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Just What is WMI?

The Basics of WMI and Why You Need to Monitor It WMI is short for Windows Management Instrumentation. The technical definition for WMI is the infrastructure for management data and operations on windows-based operating systems. It is based upon the Desktop Management Task Force (DTMF) standard and is a specific set of extensions to the Windows Driver Model that provides an operating system interface through which instrumented components provide information and notification…. I know, that seems like a whole bunch of technical jargon that still sort of leaves you wondering, what the heck is WMI and why is it important? Basically, the purpose of WMI is to define a  non-proprietary set of environment-independent specifications which allow management information to be shared between management applications. It prescribes enterprise management standards and related technologies to work with existing management standards such as DMI and SNMP, and compliments them by providing a uniform model. […]

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Unified Communications – What does it mean?

In an earlier entry, Back into the Fray, I listed what has changed and has not changed after I left enterprise networking and I joined Ipswitch. One of the items that changed was VoIP. VoIP seems to have fallen under what is now termed unified communications. Both Microsoft and Cisco have staked places at the unified communications table. But what does unified communications really mean. Is it VoIP? Is it IM? Is it collaboration? Is it email? Or is it all of these things melded into one? What ever it is, it means only one thing to network managers. How much effort is it going to take to manage? From this one question we can deduce a number of other implications to an already saturated infrastructure and the ability to manage yet another cool technology someone just had to have. If it is server centric, read Microsoft, this means more […]

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