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Network Traffic Analysis: Stop Security Breaches in Their Tracks


As technology evolves so does the ability for people to hack it. Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold is staying ahead of the game with its versatile network traffic analyzer, Flow Monitor. Did you know it’s rarely an apocalyptic hack, like the ones depicted in SyFy films, of which businesses should be weary? Instead – according to a recent report on the Black Hat Briefings by SearchSecurity.com- – it’s the persistent, targeted attacks that weaken a company’s IT infrastructure and compromise its business. SearchSecurity.com reported last week on two researchers who demonstrated examples of hacks at the Black Hate Briefings. The duo’s hacks ranged from zero-day PDF attacks to memory-based rootkits. The presenters, Nick Percoco, senior VP at Trustwave’s SpiderLabs and Trustwave senior forensic investigator Jibran Ilyas pointed out what WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor customers already know: That attackers are hiding in plain sight and that they are moving data out of organizations […]

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Flow Analysis is no longer a “Nice to have” feature anymore

Network Managers, as you know, don’t typically have a lot of down time on a day-to-day basis. It seems there’s always some network or user issue popping up (and in most cases it’s more than one issue at a time) so you find yourself running around trying to keep the network running and the users happy. Monitoring and maintaining your network traffic and bandwidth utilization used to be an overlooked aspect of your job, deemed less important. But the rapid evolution of technology has changed the makeup of networks everywhere and has forced network managers to include Flow analysis and monitoring in their network management strategies. Not only will including this in your strategy allow you to maintain control and ensure of the peak performance of your network’s bandwidth, it will also ensure your network is not at risk of viruses, malware attacks or any other malicious behavior. A proper […]

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How Will The World Cup Affect Your Network?


The World Cup is just three short weeks away. But before you prepare your wardrobe for the month of matches (get those jerseys laundered will you??) we suggest preparing your network for the event. Now, you may be saying “Huh? What are you talking about; why should I be thinking about my network when I have my team to worry about?” You should be thinking about your network because you are most definitely not the only one in your office who has their team on their mind. According to a study by IDC Research, the average organization wastes between 30% and 40% of its network bandwidth to non-work related online activities. Just imagine the spike the in that percentage once the World Cup gets underway! The 2010 World Cup is the first in the history of the tournament where every game will be streamed online live. You can bet video […]

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IT Management Made Simple: A Success Story


When we first started speaking with Don Markese, Technology Director of Freehold, New Jersey’s Freehold Regional High School District (FRHSD), his network was “more or less a mess.” His words, not ours. The FRHSD was decentralized, making it a real challenge for Markese and his team to manage. Adding to that challenge was the absence of network management software in place to assist them. “Our network was more or less a mess,” Markese told us. “Most of the switches were not manageable and I had no tool at all to help me keep everything up and running.” A decision was made to overhaul the FRHSD network and luckily for Markese and his team, budget was put in place to purchase a network management solution. At the recommendation of TransNet Corporation (TransNet) – a trusted WhatsUp Gold partner – FRHSD decided to buy WhatsUp Gold Premium (recently given four stars for […]

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Customer Feedback: WhatsUp Gold Has the Power to Stop Your Phone’s from Ringing


As President of Ipswitch Inc.’s Network Management division I have had the opportunity to speak with many of our customers about their experience using WhatsUp Gold. Now, because WhatsUp Gold can be deployed and utilized in a variety of ways, each new story I hear varies from the last. But I have noticed a few common themes over the years. One such theme sounds like this: “The phones stopped ringing as soon as it was deployed on the network.” In fact, a few weeks ago I had a new customer call up our sales team and rave about the silence he and his team have enjoyed since they implemented WhatsUp Gold on their network. No more phone calls about the network being slow, that this server is down, that the Internet isn’t connecting, etc. Because of the powerful systems and performance monitoring WhatsUp Gold delivers, these guys are finally the […]

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