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No Toying Around With Network Management


WhatsUp Gold continues to make his team proactive in addressing and solving problems quickly. He reckons that his team’s quality of service has risen to the same or higher level than larger, more specialized teams he has managed. “WhatsUp Gold deserves credit,” he says. “It does everything it says it does on the box.”

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Sysadmin CYA


Everything seemed rather normal. The web servers were humming along. Until the complaints started pouring in. About a problem they couldn’t see. And neither could he.

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Conquering Application Performance Monitoring at Optim Healthcare

Stethoscope on a Computer Keyboard

By Matt Cline, Senior Systems Administrator at Optim Healthcare, a network of hospitals and orthopedic medical practices based in Savannah, Georgia. The ultimate goal for our business – IT included – is to deliver the best care and experience for every patient and community we serve.  And this all depends on two key IT resources: The electronic health record (EHR) system that our 1,400 internal users access to track and update patient records. When this system is unavailable, the staff must revert back to paper records and update the EHR system later. If that happens, patient information could get lost in transition. Our website and patient portals are also a critical component of our success – much like any company’s websites. Current and prospective patients expect 24/7 access to our portals, whether they want to pay a bill or research our services, and it’s our job to ensure that need […]

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What You Should Know About Licensing for Network Monitoring Solutions

EMA White Paper Cover

Several months ago, Ipswitch engaged Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to research and provide an independent opinion on network management software licensing options, which base price on either devices or active elements being monitored. One outcome of this research is a white paper EMA authored, “What You Should Know about Licensing for Network Monitoring Solutions.” I recently met with Daniel Okine, Senior Technical Product Manager here at Ipswitch and our resident guru on pricing strategies to ask him why we engaged EMA to research this subject. “IT professionals know that licensing options can be confusing and that clear information on the true costs of ownership is valuable,” commented Daniel. “We also wanted an independent point of view to challenge our pricing approach and be sure it is the best option for our customers.” The EMA research paper explains the three most popular pricing strategies for network management systems, each of which is […]

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WEBINAR: What You Should Know About Licensing for Network Monitoring Solutions


Network Monitoring tools are a must-have for organizations of all sizes. When evaluating solutions focus is often placed on comparing features and ease of use, but understanding the total cost of ownership is very important. The core licensing structure, whether it is device-based, port- or interface-based, or measurement-based, can have a big impact on license costs up front and the administrative workload for maintaining the solution in production over the lifetime of the product. Join Jim Frey, VP of Research, at Enterprise Management Associates and Brian M. Jacobs, Senior Product Manager, at Ipswitch – Network Management Division, as they discuss what you should know about licensing for network monitoring solutions. This webinar will cover: Understanding the Cost of Enterprise Network Monitoring Tools Licensing Models – Similarities and Differences Choosing a Licensing Strategy That is Best for You An Example:  WhatsUp Gold Licensing Approach Case Studies:  Device-based Licensing Experiences Key Takeaways  and […]

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