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Flow Analysis is no longer a “Nice to have” feature anymore

Network Managers, as you know, don’t typically have a lot of down time on a day-to-day basis. It seems there’s always some network or user issue popping up (and in most cases it’s more than one issue at a time) so you find yourself running around trying to keep the network running and the users happy. Monitoring and maintaining your network traffic and bandwidth utilization used to be an overlooked aspect of your job, deemed less important. But the rapid evolution of technology has changed the makeup of networks everywhere and has forced network managers to include Flow analysis and monitoring in their network management strategies. Not only will including this in your strategy allow you to maintain control and ensure of the peak performance of your network’s bandwidth, it will also ensure your network is not at risk of viruses, malware attacks or any other malicious behavior. A proper […]

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WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher

Tomorrow it won’t matter if you don’t have budget for expensive routers. Tomorrow it won’t matter if its NetFlow, sFlow or jFlow you need to monitor. Tomorrow WhatsUp Gold will release Flow Publisher. Flow Publisher is our light weight traffic analyzing tool, fully integrated with our Flow Monitor plug-in. After tomorrow you will no longer need to react to Network problems, you will be able to predict and prevent them. Check back tomorrow to learn more. In the mean time, secure a spot in our Flow Publisher Webinar Series before they’re all gone and enter to win a Flip video camera!

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The Plug-In Formerly Known as NetFlow (Flow Monitor 2.0!)

NetFlow kinda blows my mind. A Plug-In that monitors where your network users are collectively spending their time traveling to within the vast Internet universe? That’s amazing, not to mention an important step toward preventative Network Management rather than reactionary Network Management. Rather than nervously waiting for a user to call you and complain the network is running slower than usual you can tell them the office’s group addiction to YouTube is the root of the issue. Well, not everyone runs Cisco devices. We know that. So we’ve now included capabilities to monitor sFlow and jFlow, as well as NetFlow. Oh, and with Flow Monitor 2.0, you’ll get a level deeper of insight to your Network; now you can see exactly which user is going to what site so you can identify Network issues more efficiently. But don’t take my word for it. Take Claudio Robles’ word. Afterall . . […]

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