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Which is better: SNMP or Syslog?

Customers frequently ask questions about the necessity of Syslog. “I have turned SNMP on and am collecting SNMP stats and alerts. Isn’t that enough?” It depends. The first answer is relatively simple; if you are monitoring solely for up/down status, well known error conditions, some performance parameters and high-level troubleshooting, then SNMP will address your needs. However, to understand individual device to device or user to device transactions at a highly detailed level then it is advisable to enable Syslog and collect the messages generated by each device. While most networking devices support SNMP and virtually all network management solutions use SNMP as their main mechanism to provide status of networked devices, SNMP can be limited in scope compared to Syslog. For example, a large Cisco switch may have over 6,000 different Syslog event messages and the specific SNMP MIB for the device supports approximately 90 trap notifications. Would you […]

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A Perfect Batch: How Marston’s Brewery Uses WhatsUp Gold


Ever wonder how other IT professionals use WhatsUp Gold?

Marston’s, Britain’s largest brewer of cask beer, has a cool use-case story. The brewers were interested in growing their business to become known for more than great beer and pubs. They wanted their evolving clientele to know them for also providing a fun public WiFi hotspot and the place to play the latest internet-connect gaming products.

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Network Traffic Analysis: Stop Security Breaches in Their Tracks


As technology evolves so does the ability for people to hack it. Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold is staying ahead of the game with its versatile network traffic analyzer, Flow Monitor. Did you know it’s rarely an apocalyptic hack, like the ones depicted in SyFy films, of which businesses should be weary? Instead – according to a recent report on the Black Hat Briefings by SearchSecurity.com- – it’s the persistent, targeted attacks that weaken a company’s IT infrastructure and compromise its business. SearchSecurity.com reported last week on two researchers who demonstrated examples of hacks at the Black Hate Briefings. The duo’s hacks ranged from zero-day PDF attacks to memory-based rootkits. The presenters, Nick Percoco, senior VP at Trustwave’s SpiderLabs and Trustwave senior forensic investigator Jibran Ilyas pointed out what WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor customers already know: That attackers are hiding in plain sight and that they are moving data out of organizations […]

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Ipswitch Network Management Supports America’s Small Businesses


Ipswitch, Inc. hasn’t forgotten its humble beginnings. In fact, we’re proud of our past. Roger Greene founded Ipswitch, Inc. in 1991.  We started off small, but thanks to his vision and business savvy and the support of our customers, it’s been nearly twenty years and we’re still private and profitable! Starting a small business takes moxie. As passionate people ourselves we appreciate that trait in anyone. It’s for that reason we’re proud to announce that Ipswitch Network Management will donate $1 for every download of its WhatsUp Gold software to Accion USA through May 31st. 2010. Accion USA, a leader in U.S. microfinance, provides affordable small business loans to microentrepreneurs. If you’ve been putting off giving WhatsUp Gold a try, Stop and download today. Not only will you make your life easier, you’ll be making the life of a small business owner somewhere in the U.S. easier too!

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Four Stars For WhatsUp Gold Premium

Software should make your life simpler. That’s been the mantra of our WhatsUp Gold developers from year one, nearly 20 years ago.Today, this dilegence and commitment to our customers was vindicated by NetworkManagementSoftware scribe, Aaron Leskiw. Leskiw conducted an in-depth review of WhatsUp Gold Premium, focusing on the usability and simplicity of the product in relation to the robust feature set that it delivers. Leskiw’s bottom line on the review of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition was: “The big question is: Does WhatsUp Gold deliver on its promise of making your job easier? Yes it does – and very well! All of the features tested performed superbly and the software was simple to install. Share in our success (afterall, it’s with your feedback that we’ve successfully developed our user-friendly IT Managemetn solution!) and check out the full review here: http://www.networkmanagementsoftware.com/whatsup-gold-premium-review Check out the full review here: http://www.networkmanagementsoftware.com/whatsup-gold-premium-review A recent review of […]

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