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What Wall Street Does Not See

It is likely my own employees will approach me with confused expressions and ask why I would take time to defend Solarwinds’ earning announcement yesterday. My product management and development teams can point to the deliberate design differences WhatsUp Gold is built with that make it more usable than Orion and my sales staff will argue that the WhatsUp Gold pricing model with unlimited monitors per device is a higher value and better integrity solution than the exploitive SolarWinds model of charging per instance of a monitor per interface. I enthusiastically agree with my product and sales teams! We are a better choice but that war is won in the field, within the network environments of all size companies. Today, what is more important to me is addressing the macro issue of transformation the network management and performance market is undergoing. It is a revolutionary change and companies like Ipswitch […]

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MSP’s can Learn from Trout Recovery Programs

Last week I attended a webinar for curiosity reasons and this Big 3 MSP provider claimed that ISV’s like Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds had abandoned the SMB and mid-market and the only choice the SMB market would have over the next year is an MSP based offering. Further he said the SMB business would be in danger of extinction because of the lack of products and services available to manage the SMB network. He said, “The only way small and medium businesses that rely on the internet for business will stay in business are to take a lifeline from an experienced MSP provider who can monitor and manage their assets and applications.

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WhatsUp Gold International Partners Recognized

WUG Ninja

Thanks to our partners we are able to reach a large and diverse number of international clients. This wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional help of our International Distributors of the Year for 2009: Infinigate Deutschland in Europe, Middle East and Africa; ZeroOne Technology Taiwan in Asia Pacific; and LicenciasOnline in Latin America took charge in their respective regions and delivered impressive results. The WhatsUp Gold Partner Program provides WUG ninjas such as these with resources, certifications, marketing opportunities, expertise, and training on the most up-to-date WUG products. Through collaboration like this, WhatsUp Gold stands to reach network managers in need of solutions in every corner of the world. Want to learn how to become a WhatsUp Gold Partner? Visit our Partner Section. Want to find a partner near you? Find one now!

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