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Are Your Mission-Critical Applications Starving for Bandwidth?

Don't let your applications go hungry.

High on the list of network engineering nightmares is a business critical process failing because it didn’t receive adequate bandwidth. With applications, users and data competing for bandwidth, how do you assure your business-critical applications are getting the bandwidth they need for optimum performance? The best approach is a combination of network QoS (Quality of Service) policies and bandwidth utilization monitoring.

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How to Use Event Log Storage & Analysis for Compliance


Key regulatory compliance mandates imposed by HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, Basel II and others require the tracking of access to scoped systems (those containing regulated data). A key question for IT managers becomes ‘what log data should I collect and how to I manage log storage, retrieval and analysis’. IT Ops teams in small to mid-sized companies should also be asking ‘how do I assure compliance without huge expenditures of budget and manpower.

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Escape the Dark Ages of Poor Network Performance and Low Availability

Escape the Dark Ages of Poor Network Performance and Low Availability

Most people tend to associate the Dark Ages with horrible things like war, famine, disease and Monty Python but they probably don’t associate it with network performance and availability issues. Unless that person happens to be an IT administrator. For this group, the Dark Ages take on a whole other meaning. It’s about having difficulty addressing problems with availability and performance of their network, applications and servers.

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An Introduction to the 9 Noble Truths of Network, Server and Application Monitoring: Part 2


You can’t afford downtime in today’s non-stop world. Aberdeen Group’s research found that between June 2010 and February 2012 the cost per hour of downtime increased by 38%. As organizations continue to automate and rely on the network to get business done, the increase cost of downtime will only continue to rise. Every type of company relies on an application on a network to complete some aspect of its work process—and a stop there means a stop to business.

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What IT Roles and Skills Should Live in the Business? (CIO event recap)

photo (6)

The trouble with such approaches is that it also often silos IT, and many times the business will come back with a need to integrate a hastily purchased product, or even to get it to run. The lesson is: deep partnership between IT and the Business, continually optimized, is needed. If IT is truly enabling, it will not be viewed just as a gate-keeper but as a partner.

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