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We believe that every network configuration is unique. That’s why we don’t have one-size-fits-all pricing. We work with you to develop the best solution at the lowest cost to meet your needs. At our most popular tier - 100 Devices, no cap on device elements or monitors - we typically cost 46% less than the competition.

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Step 1: Select the number of network devices and servers to monitor

WhatsUp Gold is the only solution in its class that delivers Automated Dependency Aware Discovery, Automated Dependency Aware Mapping, and Automated Dependency Aware Monitoring from one single pane of glass. The Layer 2 discovery wizard you will get you production ready within an hour by applying dependency aware monitoring policies that are preconfigured to avoid aarm storms. Every environment is different. With hundreds of SNMP, WMI, syslog, and windows services at your fingertips, WhatsUp Gold has unrivaled configurability to be customized to match your unique administrative needs.

For network environments with more than 500 devices and servers to monitor, please contact sales.

Step 2: What additional functionality do you need?

Do you want to monitor application and performance availability?

Measure service level agreements and quickly isolate and resolve application performance and availability problems before they impact users and your critical business operations.

Do you want detailed bandwidth usage and traffic flow data?

Provides an understanding of which applications users & sites are consuming your bandwidth so you can quickly resolve traffic bottlenecks and maintain service quality.

Do you want to automate network device configuration changes?

Eliminate unecessary manual, repetitive configuration tasks with automatic configuration management.

Do you run virtual servers?

Manage your VMware virtual servers, providing complete visibility into your datacenter environment from one dashboard view.

Do you need to monitor failover systems?

Ensures continuous visibility into the health of the monitored infrastructure when performance or connectivity of the primary server is impaired.

Do you have VOIP or other QoS requirements?

Monitor and report on your network's capacity to support and maintain acceptable call quality for Voice over IP.

Do you need to monitor a system without native support for flow monitoring?

Get insight and visibility into your network traffic for every device – whether they natively support flow monitoring or not.

Step 3: WhatsUp Gold Training Options

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