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Free IP Address Tracker

Free IP Address Tracker

Free IP Address Tracker: One Minute Overview

Discovering and inventorying an IP space is a time consuming error-prone process. IP space management can become even more frustrating when you're trying to locate a free IP Address using an out of date spreadsheet or home-grown database.

Spreadsheets and legacy IPAM tools might have worked when your network was small but your network has evolved and so should your IPAM tool.

Use our free IP Address Tracker tool to quickly discover and inventory your IP space, error-free. Spreadsheets are good for lots of things, IP address management is not one of them. Download our free IP Address Tracker today!

Manage your Entire IP Space with WhatsUp IP Address Manager

If you'd like to

  • Manage your entire IP address space - (IP Address Tracker limited to 100 addresses)
  • Schedule automated reports showing address utilization, available addresses & more
  • Get alerted on conditions in your IP space
  • Easily make historical IP address to MAC address or hostname associations
  • And more…

Download and try WhatsUp IP Address Manager - free for 30 days!




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