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Free Ping Sweep Tool

  • Pings a range of IP addresses to find out which addresses are active, which are not, and resolve their domain name
  • Easily configure settings such as ping timeout, packet time to live, and the delay between pings
  • Print or export the results for analysis and follow up activities

More Free Network Tools

The Ping Sweep Tool, MAC Address Discovery Tool and Port Scanner are one set of the integrated components of the Free WhatsUp Gold Engineer's Toolkit. All of the Engineer's Toolkit Tools share the same user interface and login; are available in a single download; and allow you to export or print resulting data.

To continue to the free Ping Sweep tool, simply close this window.

Do you need to…

  • Understand port-to-port connectivity without visiting the wiring closet?
  • Continually track and document your network as it evolves?
  • Automate the documentation and inventory of the network?
  • Locate forgotten network devices with or without IP addresses?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, download WhatsUp Gold.