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Free Virtual Machine Manager Tool

IT administrators have welcomed virtualization in the data center for its numerous benefits including increased IT efficiency, reduced operating costs due to less physical hardware and a lot more. But managing a virtual versus a physical environment can be a different beast altogether without the right monitoring software.

The free Virtual Machine Manager tool offers a way for system administrators to ensure a reliable and efficient virtual infrastructure by monitoring which business-critical resources are being hogged by virtual machines, performing basic VM management tasks and a lot more.

Gain control of your virtual machines - download Virtual Machine Manager today!


  • Connect to up to 5 VMware ESX(i) hosts (v3.5 through v5)
  • Display all VMs on each host
  • View and control VM status with management tasks including:
    • Power On/Off/Reset
    • Guest Shutdown
    • WM Suspend/Hibernate
  • Display of up to 24 hours of VM performance data
  • Interactive graphs & charts with configurable thresholds
  • Browsing of per-VM and host-wide resource consumption of:
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Disk
    • Interface