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WhatsUp IP Address Manager: 2 Minute Overview

Familiarize yourself with the – enterprise-ready, easy to use, cost effective – capabilities of WhatsUp IP Address Manager. Enjoy a free trial and see how WhatsUp IP Address Manager streamlines IP address management for you and your team.

Watch our 2 minute product overview.

WhatsUp IP Address Manager - Overview

WhatsUp IP Address Manager automates the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space in concert with providing visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations; IP address utilization and device-to-IP address associations.

WhatsUp IP Address Manager stops the chaos of manually managing your IP space with spreadsheets and home-grown databases.

With WhatsUp IP Address Manager you can:

  • Simplify the tasks and mitigate the risks associated with IP address management
  • Automate the management of your entire IP address space and stop utilizing insecure and out-of-date spreadsheets
  • Spot potential IP address conflicts with up-to-date visibility into IP address utilization, DHCP server configurations and subnet allocations
  • Reduce the time spent discovering and documenting your IP space
  • Determine which device had an IP address at a certain point in time to correlate the root cause of IP space problems
  • Optimize IP address allocations by identifying non-responsive and unused IP addresses
  • Prevent subnets from reaching capacity with scheduled DHCP server scanning and customized alerting
  • Speed remediation by correlating IP space changes with WhatsUp IP Address Manager events
  • Confidently troubleshoot IP space issues utilizing a mature set of integrated tools
  • Generate and share IP space utilization reports with your network management team
  • Enable team members to manage the IP space

Who should use WhatsUp IP Address Manager?

Network Administrators, System Engineers and technical support staff at large:
  • Who are looking to reduce the time and effort associated with discovering, documenting and managing their IP space
  • Who require timely visibility into IP address utilization
  • Who are looking to mitigate the human-error risk associated with IP address management
  • Who require the immediate notification of IP space related events
  • Who need the ability to correlate IP addresses with devices retroactively