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Network Configuration & Change Management:


Automated Network Configuration and Change Management

Protect against the disruption caused by unauthorized configuration changes:

  • Improve control over critical infrastructure data
  • Increase automation to save time, reduce costs and eliminate tedious manual tasks
  • Ensure accountability with audit and compliance reporting out-of-the-box
  • See alerts about configuration changes or policy noncompliance in the WhatsUp Gold unified dashboard
View network configuration alerts

WhatsUp Gold Alert Center

Save time and eliminate potential errors associated with repetitive manual configuration tasks by automating network device change and configuration management processes, including configuration file backup, restore and storage. Audit changes as they occur so you can easily account for every change made to your network.

A fully integrated plug-in for all editions of WhatsUp Gold, WhatsConfigured tells you exactly what devices are on your network, how they are connected and how they are performing.

  • Enforce policy monitoring whenever you backup a configuration.
  • Schedule and execute configuration changes for individual or multiple devices at optimal times.
  • Receive alerts on configuration changes, authorized or not, so you can restore a known good configuration as needed.
  • Quickly download or replace configuration files to prevent or mitigate network outages.
  • Search and compare configuration files to simplify troubleshooting.

Who Should Try WhatsConfigured?

Network managers or system administrators who need to:

  • Maintain and document standardized device configurations
  • Save time, cut costs and reduce complexity associated with maintaining device configurations and changes
  • Ensure audit/regulatory compliance
  • Protect data and secure networks from unauthorized users
  • Ensure consistent network performance and reduce outages


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