See How Device-based Licensing Saves You Money Today and Tomorrow

See for yourself how the WhatsUp Gold device-based licensing helps save you money while getting you full network visibility.

Don’t put yourself in a position where you are forced to compromise your network fault coverage or have to worry about embarrassing downstream cost liabilities tomorrow.

With Ipswitch device-based licensing, you monitor everything without additional charges. No need to be vulnerable by accepting other vendors’ pricing models which limit the number of nodes, interfaces, volumes and parameters you can monitor.

Take our device-based licensing challenge! Just fill out the few inputs in the calculator to the left and we will show you how you can save money without under-configuring your network monitoring solution!

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Monitor Your Entire Network for Less.

See how much WhatsUp Gold's simple "device-based" pricing could save you while delivering complete network coverage.

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Device-Based Pricing
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Element-Based Pricing

Not sure how it works? Check out this example...

Total Devices Total Interfaces
Routers 10 40
Switches 50 2,400
Servers 150 600
Other 30 60
Total 240 3,100
WhatsUp Gold Other NM Products
License 300 Devices Unlimited
License Price $6,595 $28,095

Still thinking of compromising? Stop...

Even if you are still willing to compromise your network's fault coverage, Ipswitch will still save you money without the compromise!

Total Devices Network
Total Interfaces Network
Routers 10 100% 20 50%
Switches 50 100% 200 8%
Servers 150 100% 150 25%
Other 30 100% 30 50%
Total 240 100% 400 13%
WhatsUp Gold Device-Based Licensing Cost Other NM Products Element-Based Licensing Cost
License 300 Devices 500 Elements
License Price $6,595 SAME $9,514 1.4x

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