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    Tired of collecting log files manually or writing scripts?

    Ready to get compliance officers off your back?

    Do you need to archive and backup log data to meet internal policies?

    The WhatsUp Log Management Suite, our comprehensive log management solution for security and compliance, can make your IT professional life a LOT easier! Use the WhatsUp Log Management Suite to:
    • Automatically collect Syslog, Microsoft Event or W3C/IIS logs across your entire infrastructure -- devices, systems, Web Servers, Load Balancers, Firewalls, Proxy Servers, or Content Security appliances.
    • Easily generate the reports your boss -- or security or compliance officer -- needs for compliance (SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS, MiFID, etc.) with simple point-and-click reporting.
    • Quickly detect unauthorized access to enterprise assets -- - such as employee records, financial data or patient information
    • Store log data as long as you need to comply with key regulations (i.e. HIPAA mandates six years for log data retention)
    • Protect archived logs from tampering via cryptographic hashing –key for evidentiary use.
    • Get alerted intelligently. Simply use pre-built alerting recommendations on commonly audited event types.
    • Plus, a lot more.

    Ready to get answers…when you need them?
    Get the compliance-centric reports that you need for regulatory submissions, auditors, security officers, or management queries. Try WhatsUp Log Management today.

    The WhatsUp Log Management Suite Contains:

    • Event Alarm
      Monitor log files and receive real-time notification on key events. Great for intrusion detection and monitoring for domain controller lock-outs or file and folder access.
    • Event Analyst
      Analyze log data and trends. Automatically distribute reports to management, security officers, auditors and other key stakeholders.
    • Event Archiver
      Automate log collection, clearing, and consolidation. Great for assisting in auditing and regulatory compliance.
    • Event Rover
      Mine and view event data in a convenient tree-view format. Featuring exclusive patented LogHealer Technology, for handling potentially corrupt Microsoft EVTX log files.