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    IT Management Made Simple & Affordable

    WhatsUp Gold is a powerful network, server and application monitoring & management solution, designed to easily manage IT environments of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Whether you are looking at managing your network infrastructure including routers, switches and firewalls, your physical or virtual server assets, or, your critical applications and services — WhatsUp Gold covers them all.

    • One download. One application. One customizable dashboard to manage your entire IT infrastructure.
    • Scales from 25 to 20,000 devices and over 100,000 monitors in one system
    • Automated Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping of everything deployed across your entire IT infrastructure
    • Automated IT asset/inventory capabilities for all of your networking devices and systems
    • Monitoring of wired and wireless infrastructures, physical and virtual assets, hardware and software
    • Delivers both real-time alerting and historical reporting for proactive troubleshooting and planning
    • Affordable and proven in IT environments just like yours — over 150,000 of them
    Network Managment Software