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Deliver a better web experience.
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    AlertFox Is Complete Web Application Monitoring from an End-User's Perspective

    With just a push of a button, a recorder captures the steps involved in a web transaction and saves them to a test that can run as frequently as needed. Now you can proactively monitor your web applications and find problems before your end-users complain.

    Key Benefits:

    MONITOR Web performance in minutes

    • No software to install


    • Slow Websites
    • Unresponsive applications (SalesForce, shopping carts, payment functions, search inquiries)
    • Failing Web transactions
    • Missing images and incorrect text

    SIMPLIFY troubleshooting tasks

    • You will see exactly what your customers see with AlertFox's Image Capture on error

    ENSURE quality Web experiences

    To learn more about AlertFox visit our new product section at www.whatsupgold.com/web-monitoring.