IP Address Manager

Discover, document & manage IP addresses

Streamline all key IP address management tasks, ensuring records are accurate and issues are detected. Resolve IP address issues before users are affected. Unlike manual IP address managers, WhatsUp IP Address Manager avoids costly and painful errors by automating the discovery, documentation and management of IP addresses.

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Learn how IP Address Manager can streamline IP address management.

IP Address Manager Datasheet

Capabilities You Need in an IP Address Management Solution


Eliminate error-prone processes

Scan your entire IP address space on a convenient schedule to avoid the tedious and risky task of maintaining IP addresses.

Save time by removing the complexity of managing your entire IP address space. Simplify the tasks, save time and mitigate the risks associated with discovering, documenting and managing IP addresses manually.

Schedule automated discoveries
View DHCP/DNS server configurations

Easily identify IP address duplication across subnets

Remove duplicate IP addresses to improve visibility of your network.

Improve the management of IP address and DNS/DHCP servers. Gain up-to-date visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations, IP address utilization, and subnet allocations and device-to-IP address associations to get a better handle on your entire network.

Simplify creation of historical IP address to device associations

Manual IP space management makes correlating IP address assignments and devices difficult and it becomes nearly impossible when looking further back in time.

Pinpoint what device had what IP address at a specific point in time to correlate the root cause of IP address space issues.

Understand historic client connection information
View non-responsive and unused IP addresses

Get up-to-date visibility into IP address utilization

Automatically identify non-responsive and unused IP addresses to improve prioritization of IP address allocations.

Locate IP addresses using any of its attributes. Configure recurring scans to automatically view IP address utilization, DHCP server configuration and IP Address Manager events. Quickly pinpoint what device had what IP address at a specific point in time to correlate the root cause of IP address space issues. You can also speed up troubleshooting by correlating IP space changes with IP Address Manager events.

Protect and optimize your IP space

Get visibility into your IP space with reports such as Managed IP Addresses, Available IP Addresses, Duplicate IP Addresses and DHCP Leases.

Protect and optimize your IP space before problems arise. IP Address Manager Reports are ready to use out-of-the-box and easy to share.

Select from various report types
Configure threshold notifications

Minimize end user disruption with real time alerts

Know about IP space events such as DHCP scope exhaustion, IP address status changes, and subnet utilization before end-users and uptime are negatively impacted.

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