Ipswitch Application Performance Monitor

Pinpoint application availability problems

  • Monitor Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco applications like Exchange, SharePoint, IIS, Active Directory, Lync, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, SQL Server, etc.
  • Ensure the health of infrastructure supporting business critical applications.
  • Pinpoint issues faster by managing all components of application performance across physical, virtual, wired and wireless infrastructures.
  • Rapidly isolate problem sources by connecting application dependencies.
  • Easily tailor monitoring activities to SLA standards for compliance reporting.

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Watch how Optim Healthcare succeeded in rapidly identifying application performance issues.

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Up and running in under an hour

Begin monitoring critical applications in under an hour.

You can start with a wide range of certified, standard application profiles, access custom profiles on the WhatsUp Gold User Community, WUGspace, or create your own profiles with APM�s component library. Simple installation includes auto discovery of applications so you can discover all known application instances. Then, customize the scope of discovery, including what applications to look for and what devices to inspect. Define how you want to monitor popular operating systems, middleware, applications and databases.

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Find problems faster

Pinpoint issues faster by managing all components of application performance across physical, virtual, wired and wireless infrastructures.

Logically group components and application tiers to see exactly where a problem resides. Continuously monitor critical components that affect application availability, including hardware, operating systems, middleware and more. Maximize application uptime through extensive fault coverage and rapid root cause identification. Actively test network service ports to ensure application processes are returning the right data. Quickly fine-tune network monitoring results based on threshold values specific to your environment. Periodically test applications from the user�s perspective from any number of points on the network or from the cloud to find problems before they occur.

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Solve problems faster

The WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor lets you use advanced logic to connect and report on an application�s dependencies, which helps you rapidly isolate the source of application problems.

Avoid wasting time and money on fallback tactics by treating the problem instead of its symptoms. Automatically restart components with specific actions and policies to reduce manual intervention.

Ensure applications comply with service levels

The Application Performance Monitor�s capabilities simplify the processes of tailoring monitoring activities to SLA standards and tracking and reporting on SLA compliance.

Dynamically display service levels from different perspectives (�all applications,� �just my applications,� �just this one application�) to get an individual or holistic view. Meet business requirements with stored SLA data. Understand exactly how close you are to each SLA with service level views as a percentage in each state (99.9% up) and as well as the actual time in each state (3 hours 23 minutes down). Report on SLAs with calculated service levels over any range of time.

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One place to monitor your network and applications

Gain the visibility to better manage the user experience; application, server and network health; and network configuration management across wired, wireless and virtual infrastructures.

Pinpoint the location or the problem regardless if it is the application or the network and deploy the right resources to resolve the problem the first time. Easily manage the application profiles and fine-grained dependency linkages that completely describe your applications environment � physical, virtual, wired and wireless to understand what is really going on.

Monitor any application

WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor includes pre-built application profiles for commonly used web applications, operating systems, middleware, databases, commercial applications and more.

Customize these profiles to meet your needs or build your own profiles with the component library and script extensibility. Using script-driven data collection and monitoring, you can quickly extend support to new applications, both commercial and custom built. Leverage existing profiles as templates to match profiles to business requirements. Logical sequences make extending and building profiles simple and fast.

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Save time with out-of-the-box profiles

Application profiles specify how to monitor an application by tracking all of the application�s components and processes and the actions to take automatically when the application or a component exceeds a threshold or changes state.

Use out-of-the-box application profiles for popular Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and Lotus applications. Streamline profile maintenance by automatically propagating updates to an application profile, including all instances where the profile is used.

Remove bottlenecks before they become bottlenecks

Get the "early warning signs" you need to pinpoint potential bottlenecks, assess impacts and restore performance levels before service degrades.

Configure automated alerts and actions to remediate application performance and availability issues. Improve the meaningfulness of alerts with advanced dependency logic. Define the severity of alert conditions and associated response based on the criticality of the issue so the right people are notified at the right time. Create blackout policies to control exactly when actions and alerts are initiated.

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Optimize performance with insights

Gain long-term insight to optimize application performance and availability through real-time and historical reporting and analysis

Easily customize your application monitoring environment by modifying or creating dashboards and reports, application profiles and application interdependencies. The easily customized unified dashboard provides metrics so you can quickly isolate the root causes of problems and expedite resolution. Gain just the perspective you need to find and fix issues before they impact users with big picture health and availability and one-click access to drill-down information. Use advanced data analysis and visual correlation capabilities to simplify complex investigations and help find and repair issues quickly. Share application performance information with stakeholders by configuring personalized and secure reports.

End User Monitoring

WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor�s end user monitoring feature allows you to ensure that the performance quality of key website and application transactions meet user expectations. With end user monitoring, you can periodically test applications and transactions from the users� perspectives. You can launch tests for application dependencies on the network infrastructure, security policies or browser compatibility from any number of points in your network, ensuring that users experience desired performance regardless of location.

Learn more about end user monitoring with EUM Pollers

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