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Network Management for Managed Service Providers
WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition

Customer-Focused Network Management for Managed Service Providers

Your Partner in Delivering Service Excellence

With the flexibility, automation and reporting capabilities required to manage multiple customers simultaneously, WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition helps Managed Service Providers deliver high quality network, systems and application management to their end customers. Proven in over 100,000 networks around the world, WhatsUp Gold covers diverse technologies, infrastructure devices, systems and applications, all in an affordable package. With WhatsUp Gold on your team, you can be assured you have what you need to grow your business profitably over the long term.

With both local network monitoring and secure remote management, WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition provides a complete view of how your network is performing, with the roll up of all critical data to the central site for coordinated action and analysis.

The Value of investing in WhatsUp Gold.
As an MSP, your customers expect you to not only manage their network infrastructure but also add value to their business and IT strategy.

WhatsUp Gold’s vibrant community of users, practitioners and MSP’s is the perfect forum to validate and learn about how you can help your customer’s business and become an essential part of their business.

Delivering service excellence.
WhatsUp Gold alerts in real-time, whether it’s a threshold violation, hard downtime or a failure. The earlier you know what is going on, the faster you can take action and resolve the issue, even before customers are affected.

Managing client networks securely.
Each client network is securely and separately managed With WhatsUp Gold’s central network operations center (NOC) and a secure dashboard display that maps each client’s network assets.

Increased revenue and profitability.
With WhatsUp Gold’s exceptional value and comprehensive capabilities, MSPs can charge clients fair value with attractive margins.

Supporting all monitoring requirements.
WhatsUp Gold’s flexible deployment models ensure that MSPs can monitor from simple to complex customer environments including multiple kinds of networks, systems and applications.

Grow with you clients.
WhatsUp Gold's scalable architecture can handle a virtually unlimited number of locations, infrastructure components and users ensuring that your management capabilities grow with your business.

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