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WhatsUp Gold Scalability Pollers

20,000 Devices and 100,000 Monitors with One WhatsUp Gold System

Scalability Pollers: Efficient and Cost-Effective

Application Performance Monitor

WhatsUp Gold’s distributed polling architecture lets you easily scale to manage tens of thousands of devices and monitors with just one WhatsUp Gold system. Its efficient scalability is just one of the reasons WhatsUp Gold truly is enterprise-grade IT management without the hassles.

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

Capable of monitoring 20,000 devices and supporting over 100,000 monitors, WhatsUp Gold v16 and its Scalability Pollers have five times more management capacity than previous releases.

Whether you are a small startup with big aspirations, a medium-sized business growing quickly or a large enterprise ramping up new operations, WhatsUp Gold can meet your monitoring needs every step of the way.

See why WhatsUp Gold is the clear choice when it comes to thinking big with your network deployment – with fewer hassles and a lower total cost of ownership than the competition.

Who Needs Distributed Polling?

WhatsUp Gold Scalability Pollers provide an effective mechanism to grow your monitoring when you need to:

  • Distribute the work load from monitoring thousands of network and server devices while benefiting from centralized management and reporting
  • Deploy a higher number of monitors per device or server to get granular visibility into their performance
  • Segregate monitoring loads from different end customers or business units on different pollers to support specific SLAs


  • Manage up to 20,000 devices and 100,000 monitors with one WhatsUp Gold server and additional pollers
  • Distributed Polling Architecture assigns collection across multiple pollers to balance monitoring loads, add redundancy and maximize performance
  • Poller Health Dashboard Report to track and report on poller performance and health information
  • WhatsUp Gold Status Center provides information on the WhatsUp Gold poller status and options for message preferences
  • Polling Configuration Library helps create and manage new pollers

Manage large infrastructures with just one WhatsUp Gold server. As you build out your network, there’s no need to deploy multiple management platforms. WhatsUp Gold can scale to cost-effectively manage tens of thousands of devices with just one system.

Scale without sacrificing performance. Distributed polling allows your company to efficiently scale without impacting your ability to monitor and manage your infrastructure. With WhatsUp Gold, collection tasks are distributed among multiple Scalability Pollers to increase redundancy and resiliency while decreasing the load on your primary WhatsUp Gold server.

Increasing monitoring breadth and depth. Scalability Pollers dramatically increase WhatsUp Gold’s monitoring capacity in terms of the number of devices monitored, frequency of polling and monitors deployed per device. For example, you don’t have to reduce the number of monitors polled or poll them less frequently just because you are reaching the limits of your management system.

Easily deployed. Easily managed. You don’t need to install completely new NMSs to scale your monitoring capacity. Just install WhatsUp Gold and add Scalability Pollers whenever you need – as your monitoring needs grow. You will always have all your data available in one place to report, analyze and correlate.

  1. I have large network that is still growing – how many devices or monitors can WhatsUp Gold realistically handle?
    Depending on the network environment and product deployment, WhatsUp Gold can poll up to a maximum of 20,000 devices and up to 100,000 monitors with one WhatsUp Gold server and additional pollers (additional pollers required depend on the amount of SNMP and WMI monitors). Additional pollers installed on your WhatsUp Gold system transmit active monitor and performance monitor data to the WhatsUp Gold server. Extending polling activity across multiple pollers increases the number of devices for which WhatsUp Gold can poll and collect data to send back to the WhatsUp Gold system. Using additional pollers, WhatsUp Gold can efficiently scale polling operations to a larger number of network devices, ultimately providing the capacity to monitor and manage larger networks. Additional pollers may be installed on any Windows system on the network, other than the WhatsUp Gold server.
  2. How are Scalability Pollers licensed?
    Scalability pollers are licensed individually as add-ons to WhatsUp Gold. Scalability Pollers are supported by all editions of WhatsUp Gold. For larger networks, we recommend WhatsUp Gold Premium, which includes WMI-based Application Monitoring, Wireless Infrastructure Monitoring and other enterprise-friendly functionality.
  3. Would WhatsUp Gold Distributed or WhatsUp Gold + Scalability Pollers make more sense for my company?
    WhatsUp Gold Distributed is a good fit for remotely managing several autonomous networks. WhatsUp Gold and Scalability Pollers are appropriate if you’re looking to scale your IT operations while centralizing administration and reporting tasks.
  4. Do I need pollers? If so, how many do I need?
    It depends on your monitoring needs. If you are looking to monitor additional devices or increase the depth of monitoring per device, Scalability Pollers are a great solution. If you have questions on how many pollers you require, please talk to your WhatsUp Gold technical representative.
  5. How do I know it’s time to add another poller?
    Typically, we recommend an additional poller for every 3,000 devices you need to monitor. This number can go higher or lower based on the type of monitoring you do. WhatsUp Gold’s Poller Health Dashboard reports on and tracks polling engine performance so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to expand your monitoring capacity.